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Topic: Do you want to live forever? | The Daily Post at

Well, living forever isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but by now, it’s one of those questions that countless movies have answered. At first glance, living forever means you won’t die, which many people immediately assume to be a great thing, but upon second examination, it’s not a good thing. When you don’t die, your friends do. Also, just because you don’t die doesn’t mean nothing will hurt. So, if you haven’t seen Wolverine live through all the wars, and all those centuries of pain, then you wouldn’t understand this. If you haven’t seen any movie, read any book, or know about any fictional story, of people wanting to live forever, but then finding someone who has and says it’s not good, so they drop out of the quest at the last second, then you really missed out, because they put it plainly to you. Life sucks, so you don’t want to have to experience it for eternity…


So do I want to live forever? Sure, as long as I can die if I choose to.


Alright, it’s time to wrap up all the Questions I haven’t been answering because of midterms, and of course, I get worked dumped on me afterwards, so I’m going to answer as many questions of the days as possible.

Topic: what’s the single most important thing… | The Daily Post at

Topic #21 1/20/2011

Alright, so my most important accomplishment in 2010 would probably be the fact that I realized what I want to do in the future. For a sophomore, many people say I have my whole life ahead of me to plan. I don’t thinks so, I plan pretty far ahead all the time, so as of now, that’s my most important accomplishment, no necessarily my most favorite. My favorite would be a mix of starting to get into audio and video stuff a lot, as well as starting programming.

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Topic #22 1/20/2011

My laugh is a really loud burst, and it’s hard to explain, but I’m one of those people who either just don’t laugh at something, or I laugh at everything. It switches on and off depending on my day. In my family, it would be obnoxious like my moms and loud like my dad. My dad is a very loud person, like he does everything loud. Sneezes loud, yawns loud, snores loud…. farts loud…. and my mom’s sounds are usually not noticeable, but when u do, it get’s really annoying :\ so I have a not so nice combination of both, but it makes me distinct, and I like that. So does one of my teachers.

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Topic #23 1/21/2011

There are a few twists to this too so:

  • Original: I have to say the wishy washy one, where it’s good to know the truth but sometimes not. If the 2012 thing was never known by anyone, than that would be on of the things where ignorance is bliss, since now we have to worry about it, prepare for it, and we will never be sure if it’s real or not. Sometimes though, knowing the truth may be better because then you can protect others, or something along those lines.
  • WikiLeaks  seems to be wanting to spread more information, and I’m not with the news, so I can’t say exactly, but it seems that they have crossed the line sometimes. My opinion is fairly simple, but I am not happy with the fact that they are looking to get into different situations and conflicts and just reveal it to everyone. Again, this opinion is actually fairly vague, I’m not exactly sure what I’m talking about.
  • For the photo, I’m not making one, because it’s too tedious 😛

Topic: How do you define a friend? | The Daily Post at

Topic #24 1/22/2011

A true friend is one who simply won’t betray you in any way. Otherwise, a normal friend is someone you have ties with and are content to be with. I really can’t say much else, I just give one rule, and otherwise u aren’t really a friend. It’s like chemistry, except the rules won’t have exceptions.

Topic: What is your favorite sound? | The Daily Post at

Topic #25 1/23/2011

My favorite sound so far, is Kevin Wanzer’s laugh. If you have ever heard him speak, he is hilarious. Look him up on Youtube, or something. anyways, with the twist, I have to say, that it is not possible to want to hear a sound, because in order to know it exists you would have heard it. So that’s why I would want to hear something that doesn’t exist, which will be a screech of a banshee. I’ll probably die if I ever hear one, but that’s ok. It would be revolutionary.

Topic: What’s your idea for a perfect Sunday? | The Daily Post at

Topic #26 1/24/2011

A perfect sunday, would be one with complete peace, and around the house, everyone would just do there thing.It would be a very pleasant day, and there doesn’t have to be a lot of interaction, but just a nice peaceful day, since I find that my life is quite turbid right now, with high school and college, and it all seems so competitive and important. When I look back, I’m sure I will appreciate these moments, but still, right now it is very stressful.

so, I’m very regretful for not posting anything recently, but I’ve been playing a lot of games, and one game I absolutely love, is League of Legends. Now, what I saw today, is proof of the title. They posted a live stream of Rioters fighting their newly released AI Bots. These Bots, beat the Rioters in a mere 55 min. Which seems like a lot, but that is the length of a normal game. It was quite shocking, as they came with team work, and just over whelmed the rioters. This doesn’t mean it’s a challenge to professional and veteran players, but it will pose as a challenge for new players and recreational ones. I was quite surprised as their tactics were not good, since all the champions seemed to move the same way, so ones with default health acted like they had a lot of health, but they were able to effectively put down all the human players in the end. Hope robots don’t learn to take over the world.

Click here to see the video. It is about an hour long though.

League of Legends - Riot Games's Youtube channel


I’m testing how tables work, like html, to see some of the limits of WordPress

Rob Burnett Sam Adams
Left End Left Defensive Tackle
1x Pro Bowler 3x Pro Bowler 1x Alternative
265 lbs 350 lbs
Tony Siragusa Michael McCrary
Right Defensive Tackle Right End
0x Pro Bowler 2x Pro Bowler
340 lbs 260 lbs

Topic: What’s the most important thing? | The Daily Post at

I’m sorry, I don’t have time to really answer this question or the ones coming up for about a week, I have midterms D: but I’m putting off studying, midterm review, and blogging to the side right now, and they are all important. Why? because I play too much minecraft :/ well it’s not a bad thing, since I have a new idea every day, but it’s pretty bad, because I like to build big projects so they are very time consuming. I think I need to learn to do my work…

Topic: What is the bravest thing? | The Daily Post at

I haven’t seen much bravery yet, because I haven’t been out much. That’s a good and bad thing, because I can really focus on my craft, but I don’t get much air, lol. Anyways, the most bravery I have seen would just really to dive out and hit a ball in a sport. I mean, I’ve seen some fights at schools, and there’s nothing brave about them. They are really dumb, and are just kids who enjoy hitting each other, not in an sadistic, or masochist way, but just in thinking they’re cool and all if they fight, but to save a crucial point, my badminton teammate has tried to jump out and save the ball, knowing that he needs knee pads, but regardless tries to save it. You say, that’s just saving the ball, but I think there is bravery in being able to lash out, because you won’t just normally dive. That’s just weird, and it’s hard to pull off, plus your knees and your face will hurt too. That is not a lot of bravery, I agree, but in a good school condition, bravery isn’t really needed.

Topic: Questions about hope? | The Daily Post at

Sadly, I don’t normally have much hope, because some things just don’t seem savable, and other things seem possible, so then I have a lot of hope. My hope normally comes from my reason, and my past experiences. I usually link them with some bad probability calculations, and then I derive my hope that way.

Topic: Does everything happen for a reason? | The Daily Post at

No, I do not believe everything happens for a reason. I mean, I know that everything has a cause, but that does not mean there is a reason. For instance, if a ball falls off a table, that means someone pushed it, but that doesn’t mean there is a reason. It could have just been an accident. People argue about this, but why can’t it happen because it happens? I’m a pretty realistic thinker, like this. My teachers have always told me that they enjoy my unique ways of thinking.

Topic: What’s the wackiest advice you’ve ever heard? | The Daily Post at

Interesting question, and I can’t really answer it either. I don’t really find anything wacky any more, because there are so many wacky facts I know that are real, so… But some good advice for many people:

Get sleep

Get school/smart

Get hardwork

Get win, do what you love.

Topic: If you had a time machine… | The Daily Post at

Well, it doesn’t really matter, because for my age, if I go to the past, people will think I’m really smart, or really evil if I go to some time when Christianity was really important. If I go to the future, I will be regarded as dumb for not knowing quantum physics, or something like that. So, I think I would only go to when the Rubik’s cube was first invented and just solve it first, before Mr. Rubiks, who took 8 months to find a method. Then I would be known as 1st to solve it, and that would make me really happy, but it would seem kinda weird when I disappear, and then reappear 20 years later.