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I’m testing how tables work, like html, to see some of the limits of WordPress

Rob Burnett Sam Adams
Left End Left Defensive Tackle
1x Pro Bowler 3x Pro Bowler 1x Alternative
265 lbs 350 lbs
Tony Siragusa Michael McCrary
Right Defensive Tackle Right End
0x Pro Bowler 2x Pro Bowler
340 lbs 260 lbs

Topic: What is the bravest thing? | The Daily Post at

I haven’t seen much bravery yet, because I haven’t been out much. That’s a good and bad thing, because I can really focus on my craft, but I don’t get much air, lol. Anyways, the most bravery I have seen would just really to dive out and hit a ball in a sport. I mean, I’ve seen some fights at schools, and there’s nothing brave about them. They are really dumb, and are just kids who enjoy hitting each other, not in an sadistic, or masochist way, but just in thinking they’re cool and all if they fight, but to save a crucial point, my badminton teammate has tried to jump out and save the ball, knowing that he needs knee pads, but regardless tries to save it. You say, that’s just saving the ball, but I think there is bravery in being able to lash out, because you won’t just normally dive. That’s just weird, and it’s hard to pull off, plus your knees and your face will hurt too. That is not a lot of bravery, I agree, but in a good school condition, bravery isn’t really needed.

Topic: What are you looking forward to? | The Daily Post at

I’m looking forward to completing my New Years Resolutions:

1. Blog More (I already am :D)

2.Get good at making videos/Make better videos

3.Get good grades

4.Grow a beard


4. seems kinda random, but asians kinda have a tough time growing beards, so that’s a pretty good goal. Good grades, self explanatory,and speaking of making better videos, I think I’ll go and make on right now.

First topic is up: get started! | The Daily Post at

Now, I’m confused. I thought we were supposed to just post once a day, but I didn’t know we got a topic. Oh well. So the topic is:

“List three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go.”

That would be: Japan, England, and some other country. I don’t really care about the third one, because I only have 2 countries I want to visit. Japan is just awesome, you know? It is one of the most technically advanced countries ever, and they are mostly really smart and innovative too.

So many vending machines...


I also want to go to England, because I think it will feel like a trip through the history of America. England is probably just as developed, but just the English feel will make it older. Also because I want to poke the guys in red.


Red coats


The third country I would want to go to is America, but that’s not visiting, since I already live here :P.

I’m a Liar… Sorry…

So, I Lied. I have an old calculator, and it doesn’t have a usb port, so I was angry, but I recently got a wire so I connected it to my computer, and went to this awesome website for amazing community made calculator programs. and I ended up having a conversation with my calculator…

Calc Doom

Cool Stuff...


So, the P4A event is over, sadly. There were many kittens. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed, if you watched. I will be postponing all posts until Christmas since I have decided to go all out in school and not be distracted for about 4 days. CYAL (See Ya Later).