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so, I’m very regretful for not posting anything recently, but I’ve been playing a lot of games, and one game I absolutely love, is League of Legends. Now, what I saw today, is proof of the title. They posted a live stream of Rioters fighting their newly released AI Bots. These Bots, beat the Rioters in a mere 55 min. Which seems like a lot, but that is the length of a normal game. It was quite shocking, as they came with team work, and just over whelmed the rioters. This doesn’t mean it’s a challenge to professional and veteran players, but it will pose as a challenge for new players and recreational ones. I was quite surprised as their tactics were not good, since all the champions seemed to move the same way, so ones with default health acted like they had a lot of health, but they were able to effectively put down all the human players in the end. Hope robots don’t learn to take over the world.

Click here to see the video. It is about an hour long though.

League of Legends

http://www.youtube.com/RiotGamesInc/ - Riot Games's Youtube channel


Too much Candy…

So, I actually tried doing the “How Many Licks does it Take”, and I have to say, that it is a horrible and absolutely disgusting idea. I licked my lollipop about 6,600 times, didn’t finish it, and I couldn’t take it, so I estimated the rest. Afterwards, I just ate lunch and washed out my mouth for a few minutes. Anyways, todays lesson learned is that candy is just solidified sugar, so it’s really disgusting. There isn’t much to say about todays thought of the day…

Fat Man

You don't want to be like him...

Styrofoam is bad! If you’ve seen this: Melting Styrofoam Cup by HouseHoldHacker, then you should know that what is left over in the liquid is chemically what is left over and un-breakdownable no matter what you do to it. This stuff is BAD for the environment, which is why the EcoCradle was made. As seen here: EcoCradle is a natural Styrofoam peanut, or board that’s made of mushroom fibers? Cool? No Pun Intended.

The EcoCradle

Made by Mushrooms