Alright, it’s time to wrap up all the Questions I haven’t been answering because of midterms, and of course, I get worked dumped on me afterwards, so I’m going to answer as many questions of the days as possible.

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Topic #21 1/20/2011

Alright, so my most important accomplishment in 2010 would probably be the fact that I realized what I want to do in the future. For a sophomore, many people say I have my whole life ahead of me to plan. I don’t thinks so, I plan pretty far ahead all the time, so as of now, that’s my most important accomplishment, no necessarily my most favorite. My favorite would be a mix of starting to get into audio and video stuff a lot, as well as starting programming.

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Topic #22 1/20/2011

My laugh is a really loud burst, and it’s hard to explain, but I’m one of those people who either just don’t laugh at something, or I laugh at everything. It switches on and off depending on my day. In my family, it would be obnoxious like my moms and loud like my dad. My dad is a very loud person, like he does everything loud. Sneezes loud, yawns loud, snores loud…. farts loud…. and my mom’s sounds are usually not noticeable, but when u do, it get’s really annoying :\ so I have a not so nice combination of both, but it makes me distinct, and I like that. So does one of my teachers.

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Topic #23 1/21/2011

There are a few twists to this too so:

  • Original: I have to say the wishy washy one, where it’s good to know the truth but sometimes not. If the 2012 thing was never known by anyone, than that would be on of the things where ignorance is bliss, since now we have to worry about it, prepare for it, and we will never be sure if it’s real or not. Sometimes though, knowing the truth may be better because then you can protect others, or something along those lines.
  • WikiLeaks  seems to be wanting to spread more information, and I’m not with the news, so I can’t say exactly, but it seems that they have crossed the line sometimes. My opinion is fairly simple, but I am not happy with the fact that they are looking to get into different situations and conflicts and just reveal it to everyone. Again, this opinion is actually fairly vague, I’m not exactly sure what I’m talking about.
  • For the photo, I’m not making one, because it’s too tedious 😛

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Topic #24 1/22/2011

A true friend is one who simply won’t betray you in any way. Otherwise, a normal friend is someone you have ties with and are content to be with. I really can’t say much else, I just give one rule, and otherwise u aren’t really a friend. It’s like chemistry, except the rules won’t have exceptions.

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Topic #25 1/23/2011

My favorite sound so far, is Kevin Wanzer’s laugh. If you have ever heard him speak, he is hilarious. Look him up on Youtube, or something. anyways, with the twist, I have to say, that it is not possible to want to hear a sound, because in order to know it exists you would have heard it. So that’s why I would want to hear something that doesn’t exist, which will be a screech of a banshee. I’ll probably die if I ever hear one, but that’s ok. It would be revolutionary.

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Topic #26 1/24/2011

A perfect sunday, would be one with complete peace, and around the house, everyone would just do there thing.It would be a very pleasant day, and there doesn’t have to be a lot of interaction, but just a nice peaceful day, since I find that my life is quite turbid right now, with high school and college, and it all seems so competitive and important. When I look back, I’m sure I will appreciate these moments, but still, right now it is very stressful.