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Well, living forever isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but by now, it’s one of those questions that countless movies have answered. At first glance, living forever means you won’t die, which many people immediately assume to be a great thing, but upon second examination, it’s not a good thing. When you don’t die, your friends do. Also, just because you don’t die doesn’t mean nothing will hurt. So, if you haven’t seen Wolverine live through all the wars, and all those centuries of pain, then you wouldn’t understand this. If you haven’t seen any movie, read any book, or know about any fictional story, of people wanting to live forever, but then finding someone who has and says it’s not good, so they drop out of the quest at the last second, then you really missed out, because they put it plainly to you. Life sucks, so you don’t want to have to experience it for eternity…


So do I want to live forever? Sure, as long as I can die if I choose to.