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This is hard, I’m a very honest person for anything that shouldn’t be a secret, so I have no secrets not told. So I guess I can tell people that all the songs I try to write are mostly arranged and based off some music I already have, and I usually don’t start from scratch. I try to, and be as creative as possible, but that’s really hard, lol.


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Hmm. That’s a good question. I don’t know, so right now, I guess I want to be remembered for not being able to decide what to be known for. lol, I’m just kidding. I would like to be remembered for my mathematical genius, and I guess whatever that leads me to after High School. I guess… *to the tune of Billionare* I wanna be a math-genius,/ so freakin’ bad. Solve all the problems you can’t do… *done* thank you, I can sing too… not really. I also want to be remembered for my musical talent, which I hope I have. And I don’t think I have a lot of playing talent, but I do believe, I am one of the most creative young Asians right now, at least. I choose to be different.

I’d like to add, I have a new video series I want to start, that’s not weird like the lollipop licking one which I haven’t finished yet,but I want to cover random songs with my cello, so I’m going to have fun with that.


I just saw MGM’s and TB’s Project For Awesome videos, and I have decided to blog about it. Basically, they are a youtube charity, and they are raising money, after posting youtube videos and asked their subscribers to donate money. You can buy raffle tickets and win prizes from these youtube video makers. This is a great event, and I believe that similar to Justin Beiber, Youtube is helping to make a stand, and the video makers are all using their popular voice to reach out to the public and spread good spirit like a rumor without the side-effects. You can click the picture below for a link to the website. I will post my thoughts of the days tomorrow.

Project for Awesome

This is an old picture, but you get the drift 😀

No Leaf Clover Cover

No Leaf Clover Cover

Me and friend Cover No Leaf Clover, but the video is pretty bad, since it was my first time trying to video edit. From now on, I will never do it… again…