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My old reason to blog, was because my friend blogged, it seemed kinda cool, so I want to try it. Now, well that’s changed a lot. I don’t blog to be in competition with him, which I can’t, but I blog because I personally think it’s fun, and it’s good practice for what I lack in English. I’m a math guy, so this helps me increase my grammar and writing skill. Of course, when I’m done with the SAT’s, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop, but I’ll definitely provide less care towards grammar, and my tone of voice, which also brings me to, finally, another Something CASK. I haven’t had one of these in such a long time, and it’s related to jeopardy, slightly, which is also kinda related to what I just said, which was to improve what I’m bad at.


Omg, so smart. He won 4,400, and the nearest competitor had 1,200.

Well, IBM recently produced their own “Watson” which basically is a computer that plays jeopardy. On the surface, this seems easy to do, but machines don’t have the natural gift of being able to process information we do, for instance, if we say “I got hit by a bat” well that could be I got mugged, or I was just ridding a bike, and a bat flew into me, so Watson would have many algorithms that answers many different questions, one each, and every time a question is asked, all the algorithms process the question, and answer it, and each algorithm has a different answer provided, for instance one on wordplay, another on geography, and another on history. And after answering about one million questions, it self evaluates itself, and then finds which algorithms are better for which questions. This is just absolutely amazing, for me, and it’s still being developed, but from what I heard so far, it has about 15 Tb of ram, which is about 15,000,000 Gb of ram, which is 15,000,000,000,000 Mb of ram, and I could just keep going. Click here for more information.


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I’m looking forward to completing my New Years Resolutions:

1. Blog More (I already am :D)

2.Get good at making videos/Make better videos

3.Get good grades

4.Grow a beard


4. seems kinda random, but asians kinda have a tough time growing beards, so that’s a pretty good goal. Good grades, self explanatory,and speaking of making better videos, I think I’ll go and make on right now.

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I wouldn’t do much. That would be kinda weird to only have 60 min. left, I mean wouldn’t that mean I was sick or something? But, if I was to randomly die, I would probably post it on the internet or something, and just die. I’m not that kind of person who has like a final request or something, when my time comes, well, then I’ll die. There’s not much else to say about it, lol.

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This is hard, I’m a very honest person for anything that shouldn’t be a secret, so I have no secrets not told. So I guess I can tell people that all the songs I try to write are mostly arranged and based off some music I already have, and I usually don’t start from scratch. I try to, and be as creative as possible, but that’s really hard, lol.

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Hmm. That’s a good question. I don’t know, so right now, I guess I want to be remembered for not being able to decide what to be known for. lol, I’m just kidding. I would like to be remembered for my mathematical genius, and I guess whatever that leads me to after High School. I guess… *to the tune of Billionare* I wanna be a math-genius,/ so freakin’ bad. Solve all the problems you can’t do… *done* thank you, I can sing too… not really. I also want to be remembered for my musical talent, which I hope I have. And I don’t think I have a lot of playing talent, but I do believe, I am one of the most creative young Asians right now, at least. I choose to be different.

I’d like to add, I have a new video series I want to start, that’s not weird like the lollipop licking one which I haven’t finished yet,but I want to cover random songs with my cello, so I’m going to have fun with that.

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Well, I’m pretty much do any typical male person does when they are snowed in: Play Video Games, Eat, Sleep, and/or Homework late at night. Lol. I don’t really do much. I do whatever that I can do to use up time. You know, many people are like this though, snow and rain makes me sleepy, so I just don’t do work. This is kinda hard to elaborate on, so I’m going to leave it like my laziness post from before.

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This one’s pretty tricky, because I’ve actually seen so many fails, wins, and other videos, that I usually predict whether or not something happens, and also, I’m not sure of the exact meaning of aha!. Otherwise, I have a horrible memory, and I just don’t know, lol.

Anyways, I’m training with CS5 on my new laptop, and I have to say I’m very happy with it. This will be one of the lamest posts ever, I’m sorry.

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Hmm… I’m never focused, lol. Or I’m super focused and you can’t distract me. Idk, it’s a weird concept/ADD. I also normally just get into it, and I’m not sure how it works, but it does. Otherwise, I’m normally super unfocused and I walk around the house in circles, lol. Just a little fact about myself.

Anyways, just finished my first week of school back from break, and man it is tiring getting back. Though right now I’m at my friends house, and I hope I have a good time playing games, lol. It’s his birthday.

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Unlike what the title says, it asks to Share a story about a memorable job interview. Well, I have never gotten a job, except as a student. So I’ll just tell you guys some few memorable moments of my mind, which I am barely able to remember.

1. When I was in 2nd grade, I couldn’t climb the monkey bars. I tried once, and I didn’t understand the swinging concept. I ended up falling on my back, and I got all the air knocked out of me, I was like ehehehhe, heeeellllpppppp. Since then, I got really scared of heights, falling, impact with the ground, and monkey bars. I never cured the 1st three, but in 3rd grade, I was really determined, so I tried every day, and I was taller, so I never fell, but I tried every single day, during recess and after school, to climb the monkey bars. BTW, there were only about 7 bars, so I finally was able to cross all of them, I was so happy, it was the 1st time I focused everything to accomplish something.

2. This one was funny. In eighth grade, our school allows us to go to DC and spend a night. So, what happened on the way there, one window popped, and immediately cracked. It was sooo funny, because the girls sitting next to the window screamed, and every one stared. Everyone started joking that we should all abandon the bus, because a sniper was after her. The Bus driver than shook the window and got the outside black covering to shake off, which was quite entertaining too, because it was a row of black windows with a random clear one in the middle.

That’s about it for my most memorable. Of course, I have other stories, but they are quite boring.

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Reading the topic is kinda annoying now, because I can’t help reading the bold question only, and I start from the beginning, which is mostly the same in ever post. Also, the endings are the same too, so this is annoying me because of my OCD, but that’s ok, it’s a good habit. Anyways, I am not really stressed, not at all. I don’t feel stressed at least, but I do know that in the back of my head, I am very stressed because next year is Junior year, which is basically the most important of all years in high school for college. I am supposedly really stressed preparing for it, because I am an over-achiever, and I know that I can’t not do well. Anyways, right now I’m fine, and I just got a new laptop, so I am very happy.