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I haven’t seen much bravery yet, because I haven’t been out much. That’s a good and bad thing, because I can really focus on my craft, but I don’t get much air, lol. Anyways, the most bravery I have seen would just really to dive out and hit a ball in a sport. I mean, I’ve seen some fights at schools, and there’s nothing brave about them. They are really dumb, and are just kids who enjoy hitting each other, not in an sadistic, or masochist way, but just in thinking they’re cool and all if they fight, but to save a crucial point, my badminton teammate has tried to jump out and save the ball, knowing that he needs knee pads, but regardless tries to save it. You say, that’s just saving the ball, but I think there is bravery in being able to lash out, because you won’t just normally dive. That’s just weird, and it’s hard to pull off, plus your knees and your face will hurt too. That is not a lot of bravery, I agree, but in a good school condition, bravery isn’t really needed.