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My old reason to blog, was because my friend blogged, it seemed kinda cool, so I want to try it. Now, well that’s changed a lot. I don’t blog to be in competition with him, which I can’t, but I blog because I personally think it’s fun, and it’s good practice for what I lack in English. I’m a math guy, so this helps me increase my grammar and writing skill. Of course, when I’m done with the SAT’s, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop, but I’ll definitely provide less care towards grammar, and my tone of voice, which also brings me to, finally, another Something CASK. I haven’t had one of these in such a long time, and it’s related to jeopardy, slightly, which is also kinda related to what I just said, which was to improve what I’m bad at.


Omg, so smart. He won 4,400, and the nearest competitor had 1,200.

Well, IBM recently produced their own “Watson” which basically is a computer that plays jeopardy. On the surface, this seems easy to do, but machines don’t have the natural gift of being able to process information we do, for instance, if we say “I got hit by a bat” well that could be I got mugged, or I was just ridding a bike, and a bat flew into me, so Watson would have many algorithms that answers many different questions, one each, and every time a question is asked, all the algorithms process the question, and answer it, and each algorithm has a different answer provided, for instance one on wordplay, another on geography, and another on history. And after answering about one million questions, it self evaluates itself, and then finds which algorithms are better for which questions. This is just absolutely amazing, for me, and it’s still being developed, but from what I heard so far, it has about 15 Tb of ram, which is about 15,000,000 Gb of ram, which is 15,000,000,000,000 Mb of ram, and I could just keep going. Click here for more information.