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Unlike what the title says, it asks to Share a story about a memorable job interview. Well, I have never gotten a job, except as a student. So I’ll just tell you guys some few memorable moments of my mind, which I am barely able to remember.

1. When I was in 2nd grade, I couldn’t climb the monkey bars. I tried once, and I didn’t understand the swinging concept. I ended up falling on my back, and I got all the air knocked out of me, I was like ehehehhe, heeeellllpppppp. Since then, I got really scared of heights, falling, impact with the ground, and monkey bars. I never cured the 1st three, but in 3rd grade, I was really determined, so I tried every day, and I was taller, so I never fell, but I tried every single day, during recess and after school, to climb the monkey bars. BTW, there were only about 7 bars, so I finally was able to cross all of them, I was so happy, it was the 1st time I focused everything to accomplish something.

2. This one was funny. In eighth grade, our school allows us to go to DC and spend a night. So, what happened on the way there, one window popped, and immediately cracked. It was sooo funny, because the girls sitting next to the window screamed, and every one stared. Everyone started joking that we should all abandon the bus, because a sniper was after her. The Bus driver than shook the window and got the outside black covering to shake off, which was quite entertaining too, because it was a row of black windows with a random clear one in the middle.

That’s about it for my most memorable. Of course, I have other stories, but they are quite boring.