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HAHAHA 😀 I already am. Anything that makes me happy makes me smile. Whoops, that sounded dumb, because of course it would. In fact, I can’t smile without laughing. ha…. I digress. So, I guess a few things off the top of my head that make me smile:

People who appreciate a cool animation I spent hours on, and also add good comments and good feed back. Here’s one, for example: Example

I spent about 6 hours on that 10 sec animation, and my friends said it was really awesome for a “noob” so haha, I’m happy.

Also, getting a fast solve on a rubik’s cube.

Hitting a really good shot, or playing a really good rally in a sport, and it doesn’t matter even if I lose the point, makes me happy.

Winning, but of course, I stay happy inside.

and more.

In other words, if you see some of the topics on my blog, and lets say I can complete that task, and I do it even more beautifully than I already normally can, then I am happy.

I like today’s topic, I could really relate to it.