Yay!! Christmas Break is finally here, now, I don’t have to go to school anymore… at least until January. I have decided that, I’m really bored, so for this 2 week break, I have to do 2 big projects for school, and at the same time, I got an awesome idea. Kudos to my friend, Mina, who gave me a decently sized lollipop and a chocolate bar, and also props to Raychie, who gave me two candy canes. I got the idea, that I would be really bored, and record how long it takes to completely lick them out, so I guess the series will be How Many Licks Does it Take? :D. Anyway, that’s not the cool thing. Instead, the cool thing is that Jolly Rancher has made the biggest lollipop in the world, which I was looking up. Also, go here to a website with world record on food, like the biggest cake, and so on.

Jolly Rancher Lollipopo