So, today’s thought of the day is about Art, and I don’t just mean the art, like the paintings or music, but just the art of life. How if you ever like some style points, you execute with Art. It occurred to me, since I have to write a short poem, and I didn’t have an idea for the thought of day. The music was blasting and then I realized that I could blog about the Art to life. My arts to life include: the Art of Image, the Art of Music, the Art of Writing, the Art of Flare, and the Art of Motion.

Finger Painting

Remember Kindergarten?

Art of Image

So to begin, we will have Art, as human kind has known it for about… a long time… Anyways, apparently, even cave men drew. Scientist saw some colors smeared together that kinda resembled a guy and maybe a mammoth, so he like, “OH I FOUND ART BY THE CAVEMEN!! YAY I WIN!”. Well maybe not the second part, but still. Cavemen are not onlynotorious for being first human life, but also for “fire, sticks and stones, hunter gatherers” and a variety of other names.

Caveman Art


So basically Art has been around for a long time, and few famous people have became more famous for doing the same, except their pictures just look better, like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and many more. Honestly in my opinion, I have to say that I don’t believe their paintings are good. I mean, I guess they look real, but what’s the point? It’s always most beautiful when you see it for real, with your own eyes…

Mona Lisa

*Click for something cool with this painting!*

Art of Music

Now that I got the basics out of the way, I’d like to introduce a pretty new art, Music. I know, some of you may be saying, “What? Music has always been an art!” but no, not really. It’s only recently, in like the past 10 years that music has been accepted as a form of art, for the ears. Before, paintings are sculptures were the only art. Anyways, Music is an art too, and there is also an art in this art, which links to the art of flare, so I’ll get into that later.

Justin Beiber

I know that you may not like him, but he is still musically talented...

Art of Writing

The art of writing is a weird concept. It is the ability to write and be successful. Now, I don’t mean similes, metaphors, and all that other stuff your teachers tell you, but I mean cool signatures/calligraphy and also just putting an essay together takes art. I have a good friend, whose handwriting is just amazing. He signs your signatures in a way that he doesn’t need the real one to forge. There are of course many people who have cool handwritings, but this is an art too. Not a likely one, but it still is.



I don't even know what it says, but it's just so curvy...

And also the art of essays… not a popular one, especially if you are in school. You may not understand the theory, but if you can just lay down your ideas in such a fashion that any one reading it won’t stop, it’s beautiful. Similar to this post, if you have gotten this far, although I don’t believe that this is a good post… honestly… it’s pretty hard trying to come up with an idea every day…


Art of Flare

This is a cool Art. It is basically the art of getting style points. When getting style points, your goal is to add flare and make yourself look more elegant and have style. For instance, when you are going out to flip a pancake for breakfast. Instead of flipping it normally, maybe you will through it into the air and have it flip over when it lands (although this may not work). Art of Flare is pretty hard to use, but it is definitely easier in sports and music. Have you seen Nadal hit the ball in between his legs?


*Click for video of him hitting a hot dog (in between the legs)*

Art of Motion

Ok, the last one. There are 2 types. Dancing, and Acting. When you are acting, art comes into play not on how well you are able to memorize your lines, or the script, but instead how well you are able to act, and actually step into the shoes of your character.

Broadway Shows

I've actually never been to one...

The other form of “motion” art is dancing. Dancing is typically shunned by males, but there are many good dancers. My favorite is Poreotix. Dancing is the physical combination of Music and Flare. Also, it would be easier to understand if I said sports and music. When you dance, there are hard moves to pull off, that would have required previous working out so you could perform. You also have to stay in beat, so Dancing is actually more complicated than the typical ballerina you think of.


They are so cool… Click for their performance at ABDC

Conclusion: Life is full of Art. Also, Thought of the Day everyday is too hard, especially with all the work I have to do. So instead, I will be posting every Friday and Sunday.