Why is it so hard to make decisions in life? I mean, I can’t even decide whether or not to eat this bag of chips.


I mean, I can definitely list a few reasons, but really? It’s a wonder I am able to decide I like math better, when i am not even completely willing to each Lays Barbecue Flavored chips.

Reasons NOT to Eat Chips

  • I will get fat
  • There are 15 g of fat
  • There are 300 mg of sodium
  • There are 23 Carbs
  • No Calcium or Vitamin A
  • 230 Calories
  • It’s not healthy

BUT there are also:

Reasons to Eat Chips

  • I bought it with my own money
  • They look good
  • I will be satisfied
  • They smell good
  • I just bought the bag, so it’s fresh
  • They feel good
  • Lays has good chips
  • The sound of them crunching is nice
  • I normally aren’t allowed to eat them
  • They taste so good
So many…

Uh oh, it seems that I have already opened the bag and ate one. Well, it’s too late to stop myself now, might as well chow: *Munch* *Munch*

I’ve actually never seen this kind before…


It seems that, all decisions that are made in life are based off of temporary satisfaction… … but who cares, I’m happy. Carpe Diem, right? Be Happy, right? Nothing else Matters, right?

Note in a note: If you like this, put comments under for more ideas on how I can make up cool notes on more¬†controversial, yet simple topics. Don’t like it? then leave me alone… just leave your computer right now, shut it off, and go eat some Barbecue Lays… Then come back… and read it again…